About Us:

Catalina Web Solutions is a partnership formed after nearly a decade of working together in Software Development. Our roots began in Professional Services, giving us a strong foundation in client relations as well as understanding what the customer really wants versus what development thinks the customer wants. After years of traveling, we started to specialize our talents in the Quality Assurance and Database Administration arenas. With a strong technical background, we still had a yearning for the creative side of the business which spawned our new adventure - Catalina Web Solutions.

We are about meeting customer needs through the pursuit of excellence. Our dedicated team brings years of technical experience to go with a flair for design. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing continued superior support from start to finish.

This leads to what we really want: a very referenceable client. We feel that referenceability is crucial to follow-up work, not only with that client, but with the people that client does business with and other people that we’d like to reference back to the client.

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